InDesign Tutorials

Cali's InDesign Trick #1
 1) using the rectangle frame tool, create a 3x5 box

2) highlight the box go to edit (across the top menu), step and repeat, use these settings; repeat count: 7, horizontal offset: 3p5, vertical offset: 0. click ok

3) highlight the row that was just created go to edit, step and repeat, use these settings; repeat count: 3, horizontal offset: 0, vertical offset: 5p5. click ok

4) highlight the photo you want to rotate (I did all of them) and select your rotate tool, to tilt the boxs, tilt away!

5) select all, go to object, compound path, make

6) file, place (choose a picture of your liking)

7) select all, change the stroke to white (in the fly out menu to the right)1pt, and add a drop shadow(object, drop shadow) with the offsets at 0p3 and the blur being 0p3. (this will prevent your shadow boxes from over lapping each other on the tilts).

8) create a box to cover your tilted photo using the rectangle tool, choose any colour you like 
and choose object, arrange, send to back.

Voila! You're done!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial

Cali's InDesign Trick #2

Below is an image with the tutorial. It is small so please click to open and then click again to enlarge to actual size.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial